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About Us

NAVJYOTI SPECIAL SCHOOL AAROH’s first pilot project Navjyoti Special School was founded in 1983 by some affected parents of disabled children and a few socially committed leading citizens. Its prime objective was to provide education, training & rehabilitation to the disabled. Navjyoti has today completed 34 years of services. It is one of the most renowned schools in the field of special education offering a comprehensive range of services to its students so that they can grow into confident contributors to the society. The various services and programmes being offered are with the primary aim of developing students to their full potential relating to daily living skills, communication, social interaction, functional education and pre-vocational skills etc. Individual Educational programmes (IEP) are tailor made for individual students. The progress of each student is reviewed periodically so that appropriate changes can be made into his/ her IEP so that the students can achieve his/ her goals. Various recreational, leisure activities in addition to extracurricular activities, awareness programmes are regularly undertaken at the school. Also based on the vocational profile of each individual with special needs, vocational training is imparted on selected skills to develop work behavior and work competency of adults with special needs. Today Navjyoti stands on a firm footing in its own building at Vasant Kunj area with full Government recognition and Grant in Aid since 1987

Various necessary facilities like Occupational & Speech therapies are also available at Navjyoti. Special Speech therapy software with audio-visual facilities have been procured from U.S.A. and is being used for above mentioned therapies along with other Occupational & Speech therapies including Sensory integration with latest technology. Computers, especially Windows Media player are being extensively used for therapy purposes. Parent training & counselling programmes including Seminars & Workshops are held all through the year. Awareness campaigns are also undertaken regularly to spread awareness in the society about the disability field. Navjyoti Institute and its members are regular participants in various meets, seminars, workshops held by National, International and other fellow organizations as part of upgrading their knowledge and skill level thus inculcating and imparting the best practices in the Disability field.

Over the years many philanthropic organizations have come forward & extended their helping hand in their own capacities to help Navjyoti grow to its present exalted position. Some of the notable organizations that have helped us on a regular basis are Rotary club, Delhi, FabIndia, Vasant Kunj, Delhi Kalyan Samiti (DKS), S. J. Jindal Trust.

Extra-curricular activities like Talent Search programme (Games, Sports, Drawing, painting and cultural programmes) are weekly features at Navjyoti. Excursions, Picnics & outings are also organized on a regular basis.

Some sponsorships are available by AAROH for beneficiaries from lower economic strata who are provided full financial support for their school related expenditure on summer & winter uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags and mid-morning refreshment .