Navjyoti Special School

Welcome to Navjyoti Special School

Navjyoti was founded in 1983 by parents of mentally handicapped children and few socially committed leading citizens, with the prime objective of providing education, training and rehabilitation to children and young adults with intellectual disabilities (Mental Retardation, Autism and Multiple Disorders.)

The School seeks to empower persons with mental disabilities so as to enable them to live a happy and meaningful life as a valued member of society. To achieve optimum results, it has developed an Activity Based Curriculum within the IEP framework (Individualized Education Programme), and introduced innovative structured training in special education and disability rehabilitation. Each child is carefully assessed at entry, and thereafter his or her progress is updated and measured against the IEP by our highly qualified staff. Our students also benefit from the other programs that are available at Navjyoti Institute – such as Navkiran Centre for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services, and Navkriti Centre for Vocational Training, Leisure & Recreation Facilities

Overview of Services provided as part of the Navjyoti curriculum

Services :-

  • 1. Psychological Assessment
  • 2. Special Education
  • 3. Speech and Language Therapy
  • 4. Occupational Therapy
  • 5. Personality Development Programme
  • 6. Vocational Training
  • 7. Occupational Rehabilitation
  • 8. OPD and Remedial Services

Extra-Curricular Activities :-

  • Talent search programme to channelize unproductive behaviour of mentally disabled children into a productive activity - organized in the form of semi-annual inter-school talent search competitions.
  • Community outreach activities such as diagnostic camps, cultural events, parent training workshops, etc.
  • Cultural programmes such as Vasant Utsav, Sarasvati Puja, Diwali Mela, etc. during which our students craft products for sale, and also hold performances in front of community audiences
  • A recreational club for young adults has been established and new activities are being introduced on a structured basis so that we can provide a rich menu of activities to beneficiaries. Activities include dance classes, Yoga therapy, music, nature excursions and much more.
  • Annual day celebrations.

Navjyoti Team :-

  • Special Educators
  • Paediatrician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Social Worker