Navkriti (Vocational Training Center)

Welcome to Navkriti (Vocational Training Center)

Navkriti is a job-readiness as well as on-the-job training programme for young adults with intellectual disabilities. The programme aims to help these individuals become more self-reliant so that they are not looked down upon within the society and also reduce the burden of care on their parents.

Sustained efforts of vocational instructors and special educators over the years have led to notable success with some Navjyoti graduates gainfully employed with departmental and co-operative stores, family business.

Best efforts are made to prepare young adults with all the necessary skills that would allow functioning well in a work environment. There is a vocational training course combined with structured activities that are designed to suit the individual needs and aptitude of the students within the context of a work environment.

Objectives :-

  • To conduct a comprehensive functional assessment of adults with intellectual difficulties.
  • To provide guidance and counseling to the individual as well as family.
  • To provide individualized skill based training with relation to their vocation.
  • To facilitate the individual on the job.

Services Offered :-

  • Skill Assessment
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Developing Individual based vocational programme
  • Skill training
  • Training in Simulated Work Environment
  • On the Job Training
  • Job facilitation and follow up

Areas of Vocational Training :-

  • Special Educator Aide (Teacher Assistant)
  • Office Assistant Training
  • Domestic / Home Assistant Training
  • Shop Assistant Training
  • Recreational Activities
  • Parents Specified Job Training
  • Library Helper
  • Domestic (Canteen Helper)

Curriculum :-

  • The curriculum is prepared in 2 parts. The first part related to the core work routines, work related academics and safety precautions. The second part includes basic academics, work
  • Place behaviour, employability, sex education and self-advocacy.

Eligibility :-

  • Navjyoti students of age above 16 years, who have completed 80% or above in their Special Education curriculum at Navjyoti Institute.
  • Slow learner and Educable M.R

Placement :-

  • Weenable on-job training of students, and also assist in placement activity on a best-efforts basis, however no sureties can be provided for the same.

Areas of Training:-

  • Special Educator Aide (Teacher Assistant)
  • Office assistant
  • Therapy assistant
  • Yoga assistant

Contents of the programme:-

  • Theory classes
  • Practical classes in actual situations
  • Recreational cum Sports activities
  • Art & Craft
  • Visit to places like Bank, Post Office, Shops etc.
  • Independent travelling

Programme structure:-

  • 09.00 a.m. - 03.00 p.m.
  • Theory classes and other activities – 1hr. 30 min.
  • Practical classes – 4 hrs
  • Lunch – 30 min.


  • Navjyoti students
  • Age above 16 years
  • Young adults who have attained 80% or above in their Special Education curriculum at Navjyoti Institute.


  • 09 months to 01 year

Number of Seats:-

  • Maximum 4 students